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Firearms are the constitutional right of every law abiding American citizen.

The next CCW Class is scheduled from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, 11/14/2020.


There will be 6 hours of classroom and 2 hours of range instruction.  Cost is $60 per student. 

You will leave the class prepared for you CCW and we will also discuss the other classes we offer (listed below) now that you have a CCW Permit. We will discuss how to increase your firearm skills in other classes such as our Beginner and Practical Handgun classes. 



Machine Gun Rentals 

No minimum and groups up to 10.


Machine Guns Available for rental.

*MP5, AK-47, Swedish K

*UZI and MAC 10 (can be suppressed)

*M3 Grease Gun (can be suppressed) 

*Thompson 45 (Tommy Gun)

*Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) in 30.06

*Beretta BM 59 in 308

*Glock 18


Please call the store at 937-704-4180 or email to reserve your or your group's Machine Gun Shoot. Thanks!



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Saturday: 12pm to 6pm

Sunday: 3pm to 7pm

Phone: (937)-704-4180



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