WETZEL FIREARMS is proud to offer machine gun and suppressed weapon rentals for groups up to 10. Rentals can be booked Saturdays. Machine Gun Rentals must be booked in advance. 

​ Machine Gun Rental  is $500 for 15 magazines for any gun we have in stock and we supply the ammo! Each magazine after that is $30ea.

 Some of the most popular Full Auto Guns available for rental:

  •      M16 in 5.56mm/.223 
  •      M16 in 300 Black Out (available to be shot Suppressed)
  •      M16 in 45 ACP and 9MM calibers (available to shoot Suppressed)
  • ​     AK47 in 7.62x39mm
  •      UZI in 9mm (available to be shot Suppressed)
  •      MP5 in 9mm
  •      Thompson (Tommy Gun) in 45ACP
  •      BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) in 30.06
  • ​​     Beretta BM 59 in 308
  •      M3 Grease Gun in 45 ACP (available to be shot Suppressed)
  •      Swedish K in 9mm 
  •      Glock 18 in 9mm

Call the shop at 937-704-4180 or email wetzelfirearms@cinci.rr.com to schedule your next shoot.

​Machine Gun Rentals

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