WETZEL FIREARMS is proud to offer machine gun and suppressed weapon rentals for groups up to 10. Rentals can be booked Saturdays. Machine Gun Rentals must be booked in advance. 

​ Machine Gun Rental  is for 15 magazines for any gun we have in stock and we supply the ammo! Each magazine after that is.

 Some of the most popular Full Auto Guns available for rental:


  •      M16 in 45 ACP and 9MM calibers (available to shoot Suppressed)
  • ​     AK47 in 7.62x39mm
  •      UZI in 9mm (available to be shot Suppressed)
  •      MP5 in 9mm
  •      Thompson (Tommy Gun) in 45ACP
  •      BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) in 30.06
  • ​​     Beretta BM 59 in 308
  •      M3 Grease Gun in 45 ACP (available to be shot Suppressed)
  •      Swedish K in 9mm 
  •      Glock 18 in 9mm

Call the shop at 937-704-4180 or email wetzelfirearms@cinci.rr.com to schedule your next shoot.

​Machine Gun Rentals

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