Available Classes

We offer two levels of courses in handgun, rifle, and carbine in addition to CCW Classes.  Students will leave armed with the skills and techniques to safely carry, handle and use their firearms.

​Wetzel Firearms LLC

Firearms are the constitutional right of every law abiding American citizen.​

The next CCW Class is availableSaturday, 7/13/24 from 9am to 5pm.   There will be 6 hours of classroom at Wetzel Firearms and 2 hours of range instruction.  Cost is $60 per student.

​You will leave the class prepared for your CCW.  There will also be a short discussion about the other classes we offer (listed below) now that you have a CCW Permit.  We will discuss how to increase your firearm skills in other classes such as our Beginner and Practical Handgun classes.

Please call the store at 937-704-4180 or email wetzelfirearms@cinci.rr.com to reserve your or your group's spot in this class. Thanks!


  • Beginner Handgun Course  $125  4 hours  Ten student maximum  The beginner course is for the new shooter and CCW seeker.  This 4 hour course will provide instruction and drills to give you the ability to defend yourself on demand.  Topics covered in this course include:
    • Fundamental gun handling
    • Carry gear, location (belt and holster), and draw
    • Proper grip, stance, and trigger management
    • Close quarter, point, and contact shooting transitions and movement
    • Reloading
    • Clearing malfunction

  • Practical Handgun Defense Course  $250  8 hours  Six student maximum  This course is for the shooter who has experience with firearms.  This course provides instruction and drills for the shooter to be more proficient with his/her handgun.  The same topics are covered as the Beginner course but at a higher skill level to challenge the student's abilities. 

Both the handgun courses require the following equipment:

  • Handgun, holster and sturdy belt. 
    • Beginner Course students may rent the handgun and holster for an additional fee
  • Minimum of 2 but preferably 3 extra magazines or speed loaders
  • Ammunition (200-300 rounds for Beginner and 400-500 rounds for Practical)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for weather and activity.


  • Basic Precision Rifle Course $175  8 hours  Ten student maximum  This course teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship as they pertain to the use of rifles.  This course teaches the student how to increase his/her individual performance with a precision rifle.  It will be taught at 100 yards.  It is an excellent accuracy tool geared towards making lethal hunting shots and/or improved range performance. Topics covered:
    • Appropriate caliber/cartridge selection
    • Correct method of zeroing and adjustment
    • Choice and use of optics
    • The science and practical applications of ballistics
    • Sitting, standing, prone, and improvised stances (all positions in supported and non-supported)
      • Time spent on each topic dependent on the skill level of the students.  Goals of the majority of the particular group of students will determine if the focus will be geared more towards tactical or hunting.

  • Advanced Tactical Rifle Course $300  16 hours  Five student maximum  This two day course is for the student who already knows the fundamentals of rifles.  The student has experience shooting a rifle.  This course will be taught at a 1,000 yard range in Zanesville, OH.  This course takes a more in depth approach to rifle usage.  Topics covered:
    • Optic use, adjustments, and mechanics
    • Long range ballistics
    • Extensive positioning
    • Considerations of difficult shots such as wind, sun, body position, and terrain
    • More shooting time will be allocated to this course

***Advanced Tactical Rifle course is two days.  Must be paid in full by start of class and no refunds.  Price is for class and range time only.  Students are responsible for any travel, meal, and lodging costs.***

Both courses require the following equipment:

  • Rifle of choice
    • Student may rent a rifle from the instructor for an additional fee
  • 2 extra magazines
  • Ammunition (100 rounds for Basic and minimum of 200 rounds for advanced)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for weather and activity


  • Basic Practical Carbine Course  $150  4 hours  Ten student maximum  This course teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship and how they apply to the tactical carbine.  The topics include:
    • Factory iron sights - zeroing, setup, and adjustment
    • Optical sights - zeroing, setup, and adjustment
    • Preparation and use of magazines
    • Basic positioning
    • Function and malfunction troubleshooting

  • Advanced Practical Carbine Course  $200  8 hours  Five student maximum  This course provides an experienced carbine shooter additional skills and practice with their carbine.  Not only will the student review basic course topics but will learn:
    • Engaging the target from low ready
    • Engaging the target on the move
    • Weak hand shooting and reloading
    • Improvised shooting positions with and without cover
    • Shooting errors and additional troubleshooting
    • Dependent upon time and student skill - transitional drills to secondary weapon

Both Carbine courses require the following equipment:

  • AR/M4 and sling
  • 2 extra magazines
  • Ammunition
    • 200 rounds for Basic
    • Advanced requires 300 rounds for carbine and 200 rounds for secondary weapon
  • Notebook and pen
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clothing and footwear appropriate for weather and activity.

Advanced course also requires:

  • Handgun of choice as secondary weapon
  • Handgun holster and 2 extra magazines
  • Magazine pouches for both the carbine and the handgun